Emerald Ash Borer Update

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Update – 8/14/2017

As we move toward the end of the summer, I (Randy Stephens, HOA EAB Chair) want to pass on some updated EAB information that is specific to our Oak Hill neighborhood:

  •         We have 186 homeowners with street side Ash trees
  •         To date, 110 (or 60 percent) of the homeowners have treated their Ash trees
  •         We are currently in year 4 of the EAB infestation cycle which will normally last 10 years
  •         In year 5, the number of “untreated” trees lost will double as well as the number of trees showing outward signs of EAB infestation (thinning of the tree canopy, woodpecker damage, bark splits, and water sprouts at the tree base) will also double


Key Points to Consider:

  •         Treatment is “NOT” a lifetime commitment of every two-year treatments.  If you start this year, you will most likely only have 3 to 4 treatment periods before moving to a maintenance/monitoring period
  •         If an Ash tree is not treated, it will die given that the tree cannot protect itself from the Emerald  Ash Borer
  •         Losing 40 percent of our street side Ash trees will greatly change the appearance of our neighborhood
  •         If your Ash tree has reached a point of 30% or more thinning of the tree canopy, the tree probably cannot be saved or is worth saving. Consult an arborist for recommendation


Next Steps:

  •         If you desire to save your Ash tree(s), near-term action is required as once an EAB infested tree becomes too unhealthy it cannot be effectively treated
  •         Tree injection treatments will continue thru approximately the end of September


As a reminder, we continue to work with a treatment provider, Urban Tree Specialist, to provide their services at a greatly reduced rate to the Oak Hill homeowners.  To schedule a tree evaluation and receive a treatment quote, Urban Tree Specialist can be reached at 816-214-8327.

You can contact them at urbantreekc.com .   Mention the Oak Hill discount.

Thank you,

Randy Stephens
Oak Hill Homes Association Board



Questions or Want to Learn more about Saving your Tree?

Oak Hill Neighborhood EAB Progress

The Oak Hill Board recently hired an arborist to inventory and assess the 264 street facing Ash trees in our neighborhood.   That survey is now up on the Oak Hill website at www.oakhillhomes.org  under the “Emerald Ash Borer Update” tab.

In the document it details all of the trees for each home in Oak Hill.  The diameter of each tree is detailed as well as the condition of the tree ranking either Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor. No tree in Oak Hill currently shows any signs of EAB.

34 Ash Trees in the common area along Lackman & 79th street were also inventoried.  These trees were all rated as poor as they run underneath power lines and have routinely been trimmed back by the city and KCP&L.

The Oak Hill Board recommends treating all Ash trees with a Fair rating or better to prevent EAB infestation.    We are working on obtaining a discount on the treatment for Oak Hill Homeowners.  We also plan to hold two informational sessions later in July for Oak Hill Homeowners to get more information about treatment options.

The Emerald Ash Borer beetle infests and destroys ash trees, which make up approximately 25% of the trees in Lenexa.

For more information on the Emerald Ash Borer,  you can consult the following website.  www.lenexa.com/parks/trees.html
The Oak Hill HOA Board

Oak Hill HOA Ash Tree Inventory

There are 4 conditions and/or columns. Each location/house might have a front tree which won’t have a location or (n,s,e,w). Some houses have multiple street trees and that is where the directions come into play. DBH stands for diameter. This will be important when we finalize the treatment discount. Treatment plans tend to be two years plans and based on the diameter of the trees.

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