Date of Meeting: Thursday, January 25, 2007
Time: 7:00 – 8:45 pm
Location: Lackman Library Community Room

The meeting was called to order by President, Don Sutton. Twenty-five homeowners attended representing 22 households out of 310 in the subdivision. Don introduced the officers and directors in attendance. Clare Cook, (Secretary) read the minutes of last year’s annual meeting. Power Point slides of 2006 activity and plans for 2007 were used for discussion of issues. These included:

Pool Committee – Don Sutton

· Pool replastering needs to be done this spring at a cost of $22,000.00. An additional $7,897.20 may be needed if water line tiles need to be replaced which is unknown until the repairs actually begin. One homeowner questioned if the replastering will fix the roughness of the bottom of the pool and he was assured it will.

· Don questioned attendee’s preference for or against employing life guards this summer. Guard’s salaries are about $8,000.00; feedback from swimmers indicated little satisfaction with their performance. It was noted the guards are teenagers and not adept at enforcing rules. Also noted was that few homes associations use guards and our insurance would not increase if the guards were eliminated. Homeowner Mark Scruton motioned against employing guards this summer and Bob Zurcher seconded. The motion was approved by a vote of 12 to 8.

· Hours of pool operation was discussed. Some homeowners wanted the pool open 24 hours a day, some from 8am to 9pm. Due to noise and pool maintenance issues it was decided that any time prior to 9am wouldn’t be feasible, nor would the 24 hour time frame. Mark Scruton motioned for pool hours of operation from 9am to 9pm (providing the pool maintenance company agrees to have the pool serviced by 9am). Cindy St. John seconded. The motion was approved by all present.

· Accessing the pool and ensuring only members of the Homeowners Association use the pool was discussed next. Use of a key card system was dismissed as too expensive and unreliable. Mark Scruton suggested changing out the keypad system for a key lock system with every home issued a ‘Do Not Duplicate’ key. Mark motioned we switch to the key lock system and charge a $20 replacement fee for lost keys. Becky Ward seconded. The motion was approved by all homeowners present. Cindy St. John will investigate the cost of implementing the key lock system and purchasing 310 ‘Do Not Duplicate’ keys.

· Opening the pool for the season on Friday, May 25th instead of the normal Saturday opening was suggested by Trudy Stockwood. She said there is no school that day and kids are anxious to swim. The board will check into this and open early if possible.

· Using the same pool management company was agreed upon. It was noted the improved pool maintenance and costs savings versus the prior year. The pool was heated briefly at the beginning of the summer then turned off. Gas costs were half of the previous year.

Beautification Activities – Don Sutton and Clare Cook

· Discussed broken sprinkler controller and maintenance problems last summer. Some reseeding will need to be done again. The islands will be replanted and updated. New contracts have been solicited for lawn and sprinkler maintenance.

· Diseased and/or dead pine tree replacement will be staggered over the next few years. Other trees will be trimmed and fertilized as needed.

Architecture Updates – Don Sutton

· Don reminded everyone they need to check with the architectural committee prior to making changes to their homes exterior per the homeowner’s association rules.

· Bob Zurcher volunteered to be on the architectural committee.

Social – Beth Bryant/Corredor

· Easter Egg Hunt was held on Sunday, April 9th

· Garage sale was held on Saturday, May 6th

· Family pool party on Saturday, June 10th had over 100 in attendance. Fire truck and ambulance tours were given. An inflatable was rented.

· Bus trip to the Cross Roads Art District on Friday, November 3rd.

· Holiday Progressive Party on Saturday, December 9th.

· Susan and Randy Hairgrove volunteered to be on the social committee.

Welcoming/Newsletters/ Publicity – Rise Strasser

· Encouraged homeowners to log onto our web site – for updated information and news of the area. Rick Williams maintains the site.

· Homeowners can attend board meetings by calling any board member to find out the date and location of the next meeting. Seven or 8 meetings are usually held per year.

· Homeowners need to review and update their information in the paper directory which will be issued soon. Becky motioned the board request 3 ring holes in the directory. Cindy St. John seconded. The motion passed. The request will be made but since it is published free to us the issue will be dropped if the publisher says no.

· Welcoming committee needs help finding out when new homeowners move into the neighborhood. It was suggested we welcome families with a directory, copy of the bylaws, pool key, etc.

· Restrictions for our homes association will be lifted in October 2008. The board has budgeted $5000.00 in legal fees to update and refile restrictions prior to that time.

Treasurer Report – Karen Petersen

· Karen reported 3 homeowners are past due on yearly association dues. She has filed liens on the homes with the county. Copies of the liens were mailed to these homeowners.

· The loss of twice weekly trash pickup was discussed. Investigation by board members showed there was nothing that can be done. All trash companies provide only once a week pickup.

· Clare Cook, Linda Stilley and Bob Zurcher volunteered to be on the audit committee for 2007.

· A limited audit was performed for years 2004 and 2005. No problems were discovered. Record keeping was excellent.

· Reviewed the 2006 and 2007 budgets.

· The 2007 budget was ratified

· Pool repairs will significantly impact reserve monies in 2007. Borrowing money is against the rules of the Home Owners Association. Either dues must be increased and placed in reserve or a special assessment made if the reserve becomes too low. Homeowners decided not to raise dues at this time since there still is enough in reserve. It was agreed that a special meeting and vote would be necessary before implementing any increase.

The following Officers, Directors and committee heads were elected:

President – Don Sutton *
Vice-President – Rise Strasser *
Secretary – Clare Cook *
Treasurer – Karen Petersen*
Architectural Committee – Don Sutton
Beautification Committee – Don Sutton & Clare Cook
Social Committee – Beth Corredor *
Pool Committee – Rise Strasser
Publicity & Welcoming Committee – Board Members

* denotes Director

February meeting date will be set after Don contacts newly elected officers, directors and committee heads.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Clare Cook, Secretary

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