Date of Meeting: Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Calvary Baptist Church
8130 Lackman Road

The meeting was called to order by President, Don Sutton. Forty-four homeowners attended representing 35 households out of 310 in the subdivision. Don introduced the officers and directors in attendance. He noted there was an open director position on the board for a one year term, as head of the pool committee. (At the end of the meeting Ryan Wineinger volunteered for this position.) Power Point slides of 2007 activity and plans for 2008 were used for discussion of issues. These included:

Pool Committee – Rise Strasser

· Pool replastering was done in March 2007 at a cost of $22,000. A large slab of concrete was replaced at the entrance of the pool. There is a crack that developed after a few weeks which will be repaired in the spring of 2008 at no charge. The rope grommet mistakenly plastered over will be reinstalled at no charge. The lifeguard stand was removed since we no longer employ guards and it became a safety issue due to teens diving off it. The bathrooms were repainted. New energy efficient floodlights were installed and bulbs surrounding the cabana were replaced with energy efficient bulbs. New signage stating there were no life guards and patrons were swimming at their own risk was installed. All homeowner families wanting to use the pool were required to read and sign off on rules and regulations of proper conduct. The punch code lock was used again but Rise suggested we change over to a lock requiring each family to have a key. General cleaning was done daily by local teens at a cost of $10 per day. A new robotic pool vacuum was purchased at the end of the summer. Homeowners at the meeting questioned if running this vacuum at night could pose liability issues if someone jumped the fence to swim at night and got caught in the vacuum. A new chlorinator was purchased.

· Feedback on not using guards last summer was requested; most respondents were ok with not having them. It was also noted that few homes associations use guards and our insurance could actually increase if guards are employed due to the implied safety factor.

· Upcoming maintenance items for the pool are:

-Replace grout around pool at a cost of $2,000 to $2,500.

-Repair and repaint the cabana area.

-Repair termite damage and repaint front entrance.

-Clean sand filter at a cost of $1,400

Beautification Activities – Clare Cook

· Major sprinkler maintenance and repair was completed in 2007. New, up-to-date sprinkler schematic was compiled using CAD software. New contractor was hired and has signed a 2008 contract. Future expense for system should be minimal.

· New common areas maintenance contractor was hired and has signed a 2008 contract. The main islands were improved. Improving islands in cul-de-sacs will begin in 2008. Tree trimming and removal will begin late February/early March.

Social – Beth Bryant/Corredor

· Easter Egg Hunt was held on Sunday, April 1st. Beth requested volunteers for next year if we want to continue this event. The person who put this on in past years has moved out of the subdivision.

· Garage sale was held on Saturday, May 5th

· Family pool party on Saturday, June 9th had over 160 in attendance. Fire truck and ambulance tours were given. An inflatable was rented. Back Yard Burgers provided the burgers, hot dogs and chips. Homeowners supplied the side dishes and desserts. Lots of feedback at the meeting about enjoying this event, especially having the police and fire truck on site.

· Bus trip to the Cross Roads Art District on Friday, September 7th. Increased attendance from the previous year. Suggestions to improve the event included having a get-together after next years trip to encourage neighbors to get to know each other.

· Holiday Progressive Party on Saturday, December 8th.

· Beth requested feedback from members at the meeting on other events they would like to attend. Interest was shown in block parties.

Architecture Updates – Bob Zurcher

· Bob reminded everyone they need to check with the architectural committee prior to making changes to their homes exterior per the homeowner’s association rules. Areas of concern brought before the board last year were fences, basketball courts, house extension and vinyl siding.

· Bob noted the deeds and restrictions ad-hoc committee will be updating and revising the current restrictions.

Deeds & Restrictions Ad-Hoc Committee

· Restrictions expire November 1, 2008.

· Numerous versions of the documents exist at the courthouse due to different phases of development over the years since the 1983 original association began.

· A committee has met sporadically and brainstormed a few ideas. Ryan Wineinger and Carlos Corredor volunteered to be on the committee in the future.

Welcoming/Newsletters/ Publicity – Rise Strasser

· Encouraged homeowners to log onto our web site – for updated information and news of the area. Rick Williams maintains the site.

· Homeowners can attend board meetings by calling any board member to find out the date and location of the next meeting. Seven or 8 meetings are usually held per year.

· Homeowners need to review and update their information in the paper directory which will be issued soon.

Treasurer Report – Karen Petersen

· Karen reviewed the 2007 budget and the 2008 proposed budget. Cindy St. John motioned to accept the 2008 proposed budget, Norm Waters seconded it and all present ratified it.

· Karen reported trouble collecting unpaid dues. She reiterated that unpaid dues result in stopping trash pickup, no admittance to the swimming pool and finally a lien against the homeowner filed with the court. A $5.00 late fee per month is also accessed.

· A limited audit was performed for year 2006. No problems were discovered. Record keeping was excellent.

The following Officers, Directors and committee heads agreed to serve for another year:

President – Don Sutton *
Vice-President – Rise Strasser *
Secretary – Clare Cook *
Treasurer – Karen Petersen*
Architectural Committee – Bob Zurcher
Beautification Committee – Clare Cook
Social Committee – Beth Corredor *
Publicity & Welcoming Committee – Board Members
(* voting director position)

The following committee head volunteered and was approved by homeowners:

Pool Committee – Ryan Wineinger

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Clare Cook, Secretary

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