Date of Meeting: Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Calvary Baptist Church
8130 Lackman Road

The meeting was called to order by President, Rise Strasser. Twenty- one homeowners attended representing 18 households out of 310 in the subdivision. Rise introduced the officers and directors in attendance. Rise noted there were open director positions and committee chair positions that will need to be filled. Rise will not run for re-election. Power Point slides of 2009 activity and plans for 2010 were used for discussion of issues. These included:

Declaration & Restriction Revision – Rise Strasser

· Rise discussed problems encountered by the Deeds & Restriction committee in trying to consolidate and update the restrictions in place since the subdivision was incorporated almost 25 years ago. There are 18 different versions filed with the County Registrar created as new plats were added to the subdivision. Unfortunately, the problems could not be resolved and voted on within the time frame to change the documents (November 1, 2008). The next date for changes to the documents is year 2013. Rise submitted a time line for a Five-Year Plan to complete the project. Rise will continue to chair this committee although she won’t be on the board anymore.

Pool Committee – Ryan Wineinger

· Issues addressed in 2009:
New pool management company – Pinnacle Pools, changed drain cover to comply with safety vacuum release mandate, repaired heater system in the pool room, fixed wood rot and painted the pool house, pillars and entrance cabana, repaired wrought iron fence and entry gate, purchased new baby pool cover. Implemented wrist band identification and employed local teens as wristband id checkers.
· Water aerobic classes were held on Monday and Wednesday mornings using JOCO Parks and Recreation instructors. Adding evening classes in 2010 will be investigated.
· Issues for 2010:
-Renewal of contract with Pinnacle pools.
-Replacement of discolored furniture.
-Painting of Iron fence surrounding the pool.
-Repair of the pool deck drain around the pool house.
-Replacement of two skimmers.
-Continued use of wristband ID’s and teen ID checkers.

Beautification Activities – Clare Cook

· Sprinkler system is almost 25 years old. There are three controllers, 47 zones and 282 sprinkler heads. Water usage of $1750 was almost half of the $3000 budgeted due to a rainy summer and manual control of sprinkler systems.
· Landscaping – 2009
-Replaced trees on south side of pool with flowering shrubs. Tree leaves and seeds were clogging pool drains and eventual size of trees would be 40’ to 60’ high and 30’ wide.
-Replaced junipers destroyed by bagworms along Lackman with grasses. Sprayed rest of evergreen trees and shrubs for bagworms.
-Raised canopy of trees along Lackman and reseeded bare turf in two areas. Reseeding under trees will continue in 2010.
· Landscaping – 2010
-Re-landscaping of areas by Lingle Lane and Lackman. KCP&L removed, topped and severely cut back trees under the power lines. Trees will be trimmed and/or removed this winter then replaced with appropriate plantings in the spring.
-Berm by pool renovated with new mulch, removal of select overgrown shrubs and replacement of dead perennials.
-Replacement of any dead shrubs in islands and enhancement of islands in cul-de-sacs.
· HOA Signage – 2010
-Refinish gold lettering on the three Oak Hill entrance signs.

Architecture Updates – Rise Strasser

· Bob Zurcher, the chairman of this committee was not in attendance but asked Rise to remind homeowners to be sure and verify any changes or updates to their homes or surroundings comply with our deeds and restrictions. Information is available on our website or by calling or e-mailing him.
Publicity – Jim Beatty & Rick Williams
· Newsletters – Jim Beatty. The goal of all electronic distribution of our newsletters now has over seventy- five percent of homeowners participating. Sixty- five homeowners have not responded as to whether they prefer paper or e-mail distribution and will be contacted by members of the board. Jim reminded everyone to be sure to add to their address book to prevent the newsletter notification from going to the spam folder.
· Website – Rick Williams was not in attendance. Requests were made from homeowners present to send out surveys, etc. on the web site. Kerry Classen volunteered to help with any website projects.
· New Home Owners Directory – Karen Petersen
Karen reported the company supplying our directories in the past would charge us around $1000 to publish the directory going forward. Karen volunteered to publish the directory with help from others. She already does a large amount of work with yearly updating of the data base. Configuring the layout and printing the directories would be the main additional work. Jim Beatty has been working with Karen on the project and Kerry Classen offered his services also.

Social Activities – Rise (There was no social chair for 2009.)

· Easter Egg Hunt held on Saturday, April 4, 2009. Suzanne Egger chaired this event. Around 25 to 30 families attended with around 50 to 60 children participating.
· Neighborhood garage sale held Saturday, May 2, 2009. Around 10 to 12 homeowners participated. Bev Aranki chaired the event with aid from Beth Bryant-Corredor.
· Family pool party held on Saturday, June 6th, 2009 with over 140 people in attendance. Fire truck and ambulance tours were given. Firemen sprayed a hose attached to a hydrant on participants in park across from the pool. An inflatable was rented. Back Yard Burgers provided the burgers, hot dogs and chips. Homeowners supplied the side dishes and desserts. Lots of feedback at the meeting about enjoying this event, especially having the firemen spray kids with the fire hose.
· Bus trip to the Cross Roads Art District on Friday, November 6th, 2009. Twenty five homeowners attended. Jill Scaletty chaired the event.
· Holiday Progressive Party held on Saturday, December 5th 2009. Karen Petersen chaired the event. Thirty- three homeowners attended.

Welcoming Committee – Rise Strasser

· Rise asked for volunteers to chair this committee which has gone vacant for several years.
· Homeowners can attend board meetings by calling any board member to find out the date and location of the next meeting. Seven or eight meetings are usually held per year.

Treasurer Report – Karen Petersen

· Karen reviewed the 2009 budget and the 2010 proposed budget. Becky Ward moved, seconded by Cindy St. John to approve the proposed budget. Unanimous.
· A limited audit was performed for year 2008. No problems were discovered. Record keeping was excellent.
· It was noted that that five board members were exempt from paying homeowner dues in 2009. This exemption was for performance of duties as committee chairs for at least four years which required using their own car and gas, manual labor and daily duties throughout most of the pool season.

Election of Committee Heads and Open Board of Director Positions – Rise

· Rise noted three committees needed chairs: social, welcoming and pool customer service representative. Debra Mollohan volunteered to head the welcoming committee. Becky Ward volunteered to head the social committee. Jon Schnieders volunteered to head the pool customer service representative position. Cindy St. John volunteered to fill the secretary position. Also volunteering to be on the board were Jason Lieb and Ron Durling. Kerry Classen moved and Jason Lieb seconded to accept all volunteers to chair the positions they requested and accept the others to the board. Unanimous.

The following Officers, Directors and committee heads will serve for year 2010:
President – TBA *
Vice-President – TBA *
Secretary – Cindy St. John *
Treasurer – Karen Petersen*
Pool Committee – Ryan Wineinger *
Architectural Committee – Bob Zurcher *
Beautification Committee – Clare Cook *
Social Committee – Becky Ward
Publicity Committee – Jim Beatty, Rick Williams
Welcoming Committee – Debra Mollohan
Declaration & Restriction – Rise Strasser
(* voting director position)

Becky Ward moved, seconded by Clare Cook to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Clare Cook, Secretary

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