Date of Meeting:  Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Time:  6:30pm– 7:55pm
Location:  Calvary Baptist Church
8130 Lackman Road

Oak Hill Homes Association president Ryan Wineinger called the meeting to order. Ryan asked if all homeowners in attendance read and approved the minutes from last year’s annual meeting. John Misiewicz made the motion to approve the minutes. Emily Vanarsdale seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as written.

Thirty-one homeowners attended representing 28 households out of the 310 in the subdivision.

Ryan introduced the officers and directors in attendance.  Ryan noted there were open board positions and committee chair positions that need to be filled.

Power Point slides of 2011 activity and plans of 2012 were used for discussion of issues; these included:

Pool Committee – Ryan Wineinger

    Issues that were addressed in 2011

– Pinnacle Pools did a good job with managing the pool. We  plan to use them in 2012.
– Wristbands and pool checkers worked well. We plan to use them in 2012.
– The pool decking was repaired.
– We replaced pool pumps.
– We repaired electrical and lighting problems

    For 2012, we plan to do the following:

– Repair pavers around the pool deck.
– The baby pool looks discolored, but it is clean. It needs to be replastered. The cost to repair it is very expensive.
The board has decided to wait – to repair the baby pool until we have to repair the large pool.
– The restrooms will be painted.
– We will get new signs for “No Trespassing”, Pool Hours and Rules.

Someone asked if we have looked at the asphalt in the parking lot. Ryan said that we have not, but will inspect it this spring and make repairs if needed.

Beautification – Karen Petersen

Karen reported that Clare was out of town. She emailed the report.

Sprinkler System – 2011

The system is over 27 years old,. It has 3 controllers, 47 zones, 282 sprinkler heads.
The water usage was double the $3000 budgeted amount.
– Aerated and reseeded almost 2/3 the entire common area in late September.
– It was necessary to water twice a day in October and Mid-November due to extremely dry fall weather.

    Landscaping – 2011

– We planted 4 new trees and reseeded along 80th and Lackman in the spring.
– We aerated and reseeded common areas around pool and along Lackman from 83rd Street to 79th Street in late
– WaterOne discovered the water line along Lackman is failing and plans to replace it.
They will resod the area.
– Misc. trees were trimmed throughout the season.
– Shrub roses and perennials were replaced in island at 79th and Randall.

    Landscaping – 2012

Small improvements will continue in the islands and in common areas.


Deed and Restrictions – Rise Strasser

Our neighborhood was incorporated in 1983.We have until October 31, 2013 to make changes in our Declaration and Deeds, but will plan to have these updated, electronically available and ready for approval by the HOA in January, 2013,
allowing for additional time to finalize this document. Rise is getting otherneighborhoods Declarations and Deeds to compare with ours. She would like to have a representative from every street to be part of this ad-hoc committee.
Contact Rise if you would like to help.


Publicity – Ryan Wineingar

Newsletters and Email Blasts –
– 80% of Oak Hill homeowners that receive HOA correspondence by email.
– Please unblock [email protected] to prevent the newsletter and misc. news information from going to the spam folder.

We will be working on the directory soon. We will sell ads for the directory again this year. If you would like to place an ad or if you have any updates, contact Karen Petersen.


Social Committee – Emily Vanarsdale

Social activities for 2011 were:

– Easter Egg Hunt – (April) About 40 kids were in attendance
– Neighborhood Garage Sale – (May)
– Family Pool Party & Cookout – (June) About 225 people in attendance
– 4th of July Parade – (July) 35 kids participated
– Progressive Christmas Party – (December) 32 people attended

    Social Activities for 2012

We plan to have the same activities as 2011.

Some new ideas may include:
– Holiday Family Event
– Fall Block Party
– Movies at the Pool.


Treasurer Report – Karen Petersen

Account Balances – As of 12/31/11


Bank Accounts
– Checking                                      $   4,247.96
– Money Market                               $ 26,962.97
– Money Market 2                            $ 51,921.79

TOTAL Bank Accounts                      $ 83,132.72

Karen reviewed the 2011 Budget and the 2012 Proposed Budget.
Becky Ward made a motion to approve the 2012 Proposed Budget. Rise Strasser seconded the motion. All present voted ‘Aye’ to accept the 2012 Budget. The dues will remain the same ($350) for 2012.

An internal limited audit was performed for 2011. No problems were discovered. The record keeping was excellent.
All but one homeowner has paid their dues for 2011. We have put a lien on that property.


Website – Ryan Wineinger

The board has decided to take control of the website, domain name, etc. Ryan will email Rick Williams for passwords. Jim Beatty will be the webmaster.


Welcoming – Karen Petersen

We had 18 new residents. Each new resident received a $10.00 Westlake gift card and a directory.

Block Captains – It was discussed that we consider having “Block Captains” again. The block captains could distribute the directories,put fliers on mailboxes and greet the new neighbors. We have 6 or 7 people who are interested in being block captains. We will discuss it at our February HOA Board meeting.


Trash – Ryan Wineinger

As of January 1, 2012, we no longer can put grass clippings in plastic bags. They must be paper. Each house can put 6 bags out each week. If you need more bags, you will be able to purchase stickers at Westlake Hardware.


Election of Open Board of Director Positions

The Oak Hill by-laws state that the Homes Association shall be governed by 7 Directors, 4 of which are Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). Four of the directors serve a 2 year term and three serve a 1 year term.

The 7 directors decide who will take the responsibilities for heading the 5 committees:

  • Architecture
  • Beautification
  • Pool
  • Social
  • Publicity

Continuing until 2013 there will be a sixth committee, the Declarations and Restrictions Ad Hoc Committee.

The following Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs will serve for the year 2012:

President – TBA*
Vice-President – TBA*
Secretary – Cindy St. John*
Treasurer – Karen Petersen*
Pool Committee – TBA*
Architectural Committee – Ron Durling*
Beautification Committee – Clare Cook*
Social Committee – Emily Vanarsdale*
Publicity – Jim Beatty
Welcoming – TBA
Declaration & Restriction – Rise Strasser

(*Voting Director Position)

Kevin Boetcher and Craig Borgman would like to be added as at-large members.

New Business

83rd Street Speed Study
Residents who live on 83rd Street were concerned that the speed limit was changed from 25 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour. A group of residents would like the Oak Hill Board Members to go to the city about the study. The board made a decision not to contact the city. The board will support the residents if they wanted to form a committee. Ryan contactedAmy Slater with the Lenexa City Council. She told Ryan that the City of Lenexa did a speed study from 83rd Street from Lackman to Pflumm on10-26-11. Amy said if we desire to formally express a position in venue, anyone is welcome to come voice their position at the City Council meeting the 1st or 3 Tuesday of the month when there is Business from the floor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Cindy St. John

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