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What was the final contracted rate?

$11.50 for trash and recycling per month/per home: $3560 a month total for the homes association.
$0.75 for yard waste/per month for 9 months a year. The from March-November the homes association pays an additional $232.50 a month.

These rates can only be increased by 3% a year based on the 5 year contract.

Do we get new large bins?

65 gallon trash bin and 65 gallon recycle bin were negotiated into the contract. Deffenbaugh will switch the 65 gallon bins out for either a 45 or 90 gallon bin 1 time at no charge to the homeowner.

When will we get new bins?

New bins will be delivered on Oct 21st and Oct 22nd. If you want to switch bins, please call Deffenbaugh after those dates to switch to either the smaller/larger bin.

What about yard waste in December-February?

Starting in 2012, December-February will be a “pay as you go” situation. The individual wanting their yard waste picked up will need to contact Deffenbaugh for a specific pickup. The individual calling for the pickup will be billed for that pick up.

Now if there is a big snow/ice storm that causes a lot of branch damage, the board will contact Deffenbaugh and they will pick up that yard waste at no additional fee.

How many paper bags of yard waste may we set out?

We are allowed 6 bags of yard waste at pick up from March-September and up to 10 bags for October and November.

Remember the paper bags don’t have to be used until after March 1, 2012. Yard waste isn’t picked up in January or February so starting March 1st, 2012 you have to use either paper bags or old trash bins for all yard waste. Old trash bins have to be clearly marked yard waste and the branches/clippings can’t be hanging over the top.

Why did the board decide to have everyone take yard waste, I mulch/compose my clippings?

The city will be mandating that every household sign up for yard waste removal. Since the city will be mandating this we elected to sign up as a neighborhood which will be a significant cost savings. We are only being charged .75 cents a month/house for yard waste removal for 9 months. If you were to sign up individually you would be paying $8-12 a month/house.

What do I do different with my trash?

Continue to place trash/recycling at the curb as you currently do until Oct 21st and 22nd you will get the new dumpsters that you should start using. After March 1, 2012, all yard waste will only be picked up in paper bags/old trash cans appropriately labeled. Yard waste will only be picked up from March-November. If you put out yard waste in December-January it WILL NOT be picked up unless you call Deffenbaugh for a specific pickup, of which you will be charged individually for.

What day is trash day?

Trash/Recycling and Yard waste (March-November) will continue to be picked up on Thursdays. If this changes, we will notify you.

Can’t I just dump yard clippings/branches into the trash/recycle bin?

We’ve been told by Deffenbaugh(as well as other companies that we contacted) if they pick up the lid and see any yard waste in either the trash/recycle bin they will not pick up that bin.

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