Date of Meeting: 01/10/2013
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Calvary Baptist Church

In Attendance: Kevin Boetcher, President
Craig Borgman, Vice President
Karen Petersen, Treasurer
Cindy St. John, Secretary
Ron Durling, Architecture/Community Standards
Emily VanArsdale, Social Chair
Jim Beatty, Publicity

Absent: Clare Cook, Beautification

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Kevin Boetcher.

Kevin asked if all homeowners in attendance read and approved the minutes from last year’s annual meeting. Rise Strasser made a motion to approve the minutes. John Misiewicz seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as written.

Twenty five homeowners attended the 2013 Annual Meeting. We have the 310 homes in our subdivision.

Kevin introduced the 2012 Oak Hill Homes Association Board Members.

Power Point slides of 2012 Activity and Plans of 2013 were used for discussion of issues; these included:

Social Activities – Emily VanArnsdale

All events listed below account for less than 3% of our budget.
• Easter Egg Hunt – March 31 – Sar-Ko-Par Park – About 45 children participated.
• Neighborhood Garage Sale – May 4 & 5 – Several families participated.
• 4th of July Parade – About 45 children participated.
• Oak Hill Family Pool Party – Over 200 attended.
• (2) Movie Nights at the Pool – About 20-25 attended each night.
• Oak Hill Block Party – About 90 people attended this first-time “All Oak Hill” Event.
• Progressive Holiday Party – About 60 neighbors attended.

Planned Social Events for 2013

• Same as 2012 including more Movie Nights at the Pool and maybe a Block Party in the fall.
• Possibly adding one “Family” themed event for the Holiday Season next year. (Possibly a horse drawn carriage ride)
• If anyone would like to help with our Social Events, please contact Emily.

Publicity/Website – Jim Beatty

• Content currently maintained
• Data backed-up and site maintenance performed.
• Future potential enhancements
• Improved storage of meeting minutes and Deed Restrictions and By-Laws
• Email links to Board Members
• News and Announcements
• Calendars

Dave Wright suggested that we promote our social events on our website using pictures of our neighbors at our social events. He recommended that we contact local realtors and let them know that Oak Hill is a great place for families.

Neighborhood News

• 80% of homeowners reached via paperless communication
• Unblock: [email protected]
• Alerts and Updates
• Social Events
• Pool Closings
• Trash Changes with Deffenbaugh
• Emerald Ash Borer Updates as warranted

Architecture Updates – Ron Durling

• Enforcement of Restrictions
• Approval Process for Improvements
• Working with City planners when owners want to make home modifications.
• Vacant and Foreclosed Homes
• Community Standards
• Working with the City of Lenexa for code enforcement
• Property Maintenance
• Yard Maintenance
• Vehicle Restrictions

Beautification – Kevin Boetcher

• Sprinkler Systems – 2012
• System over 28 years old, 3 controllers, 47 zones, 282 sprinkler heads
• Water usage was extremely high again due to:
• Extreme drought
• Project by Water One to replace a failing water pipe along Lackman
• Project by City of Lenexa to replace curbing along Lackman
• Water One will replace another section of the failing water pipe in 2013, if money is available.
• Both projects required digging into the grass we reseeded in 2011. Re-sodding was paid for by Water One and the city along with 6 weeks of watering to establish the new sod. But subsequent twice daily watering the rest of the summer was paid for by Oak Hill residents. These projects resulted in broken sprinkler lines and heads which were paid for by Water One and the city but often repairs weren’t done correctly and/or discovered only when grass turned brown.
• The controller behind the pool house was replaced.

Landscaping – 2012
• Tree and shrub trimming was completed, as needed.

Landscaping – 2013
• Small improvements will be made in the islands and common areas.
• Water usage may be higher again this year if drought continues and Water One replaces another section of the water pipe along Lackman. Small improvements will be made in the islands and common areas.
• Treatment of ash trees in common areas against a potential ash borer invasion may be necessary.

Pool Update – Kevin Boetcher

Pool Gate
Randy Vance asked if the board had considered using a key lock system on the pool gate this year. Kevin stated that the past boards have considered it but thought it would be expensive and what would happen if a homeowner lost their key. Kevin asked Randy if he would work with him to investigate the key lock system. Randy agreed to help. Someone asked about a card system. If we used that type of entry system we would have to get wiring to the gate. We have someone who unlocks the pool gate every morning and locks it every night. The code is changed each year and the homeowner gets the pool code when they pick up their wristbands.

Pool Checkers
Dave Wright feels that we should check on a key lock system because he feels like some pool checkers were young and might have had a problem asking someone to leave the pool. After a discussion, Dave made a motion that all pool checkers must be at least 16 years old. Alberta Brown seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Pool Closings
Dave Wright asked if we should charge a family if their child was the cause of closing the pool due to “dirty” swim diapers? The cost to shock the pool is very expensive. Kevin Boetcher made a motion that we include stronger language in the pool rules in the event we have to shock and or close the pool. Rise Strasser seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Pool Committee Activities
2012 Update
• Pinnacle Pools did a great job managing the pool.
• Wristbands and pool checkers worked well.
• Bathrooms were repaired and painted. New grab bars were installed.
• Dry rot around pool house was repaired and repainted
• New signage was installed.
• Parking lot was resurfaced and parking lot lines were painted.
• Purchased a new pool vacuum.
• Water aerobics classes were held bi-weekly.

Plans for 2013
• We have contracted Pinnacle Pools for 2013.
• Wristbands and pool checkers will be used for 2013.
• A new water fountain has been purchased and will be installed this summer.
• We will get the pool resurfaced, if needed.

Treasurer Report – Karen Petersen

We have two homeowners who have not paid their 2012 dues. One house is in foreclosure and we have filed a lien against the property. The board is working with the other homeowner to get their balance of their dues.

Board Members Dues
A question was asked if the Oak Hill Board Members paid dues. Karen explained that for a few years the board members would recommend that a percentage of the dues would be waived due to the amount of time their position required. John Misiewicz made a motion that the President has the discretion to whom get their dues waived and a line item will be added to all future budgets. Dave Bowen seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

An internal audit was performed for 2012. No problems were found. If you would like to help with auditing process for 2013, please contact Karen.

Main Budget Items (85% of Annual Budget)
• Trash & Recycling
• Pool Maintenance
• Common Area Maintenance

Account Balances – As of 12/31/12

Checking $ 6,425.46
Money Market 1 $ 19,053.61
Money Market 2 $ 52,060.00 (Emergency Repairs)
Total Bank Accounts $ 77,539.07
Karen reviewed the 2012 Budget and the 2013 Proposed Budget. John Misiewicz made a motion to approve the 2013 Proposed Budget with the additional line item showing the board members’ dues that have been waived. Doug Boyd seconded the motion. All present voted ‘Aye’ to accept the 2013 Budget. The dues will remain the same ($350) for 2013.

Welcome – Karen Petersen

We had 10 new residents. Gift bags were distributed that included an Oak Hill “Welcome” data sheet listing activities, directory, and a $10.00 Westlake gift card.

Election of Open Board of Director Positions

The Oak Hill by-laws state that the Homes Association shall be governed by 7 Directors, 4 of which are Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). Four of the directors serve a 2 year term and three serve a 1 year term.

The 7 directors decide who will take the responsibilities for heading the 5 committees:
• Architecture
• Beautification
• Pool
• Social
• Publicity

The following Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs will serve for the year 2013:

President – Kevin Boetcher*
Vice-President – Craig Borgman*
Secretary – Cindy St. John*
Treasurer – Karen Petersen*
Pool Committee – Clare Cook
Architectural Committee – Ron Durling
Beautification Committee – Clare Cook
Social Committee – Emily VanArsdale
Publicity/Website – Jim Beatty
Welcoming – Karen Peterson/Jamie Borgman
Declaration & Restriction – Rise Strasser

(*Voting Director Position)

Kerry Claussen made a motion to accept the current board members to serve for 2013. John Misiewicz seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Open Discussion
A homeowner asked if Oak Hill had any rental homes. Kevin said we had a few rental homes. Kevin stated that he has a rental home in Oak Hill. He said the City of Lenexa charges $75.00 per year for each rental home. The City of Lenexa can go in and inspect any rental home at any time. All rental homes should be registered with the City of Lenexa as rental property. If you think a home is not being maintained, please contact any board members and we will check it out.

Kerry Claussen made a motion that we adjourn the meeting. Randy Vance seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Cindy St. John

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