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We are in the process of publishing our 2012 Oak Hill Directory. Those of you having not already having done so, please review your family’s listing in the current directory for errors or updates and e-mail any changes to: [email protected]

We are including Ads in the directory this year to help offset publishing costs. We will offer Oak Hill homeowners first priority for Ad placement before opening space for non-HOA companies.

Price for ½-page ad is $50 and a full-page ad is $100.

Please submit your Ad in a graphic format that can be placed in Microsoft Word.
A full-page ad should be 7” high by 4” wide. A half-page should be 5 & ¼” high by 4” wide.

E-mail your ads to: [email protected]

Please send a check for the Ad made out to:
Oak Hills Homes Association
P.O. Box 14704,
Lenexa, Kansas 66285
with the Memo portion indicating Advertising.

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