Yard Waste Disposal Update

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Deffenbaugh weekly yard waste pickup has been concluded for this year and is not set to be resumed until March 2013. In lieu of this there are three options being provided for yard waste disposal.

1.  Deffenbaugh will continue to pick up yard waste December thru February on the scheduled Oak Hill neighborhood pickup day on the third full week of the month, the December pickup being December 20th. Up to 12 bags may be set out for pickup. This monthly winter season yard waste collection is something now being mandated by the City.

2.  Additionally, yard waste may be picked up in the December thru February period on a special ”per collection” basis. In this residents would need to schedule pickups by contacting Deffenbaugh and would be billed directly for the service. Up to 15 bags are allowed for a $25 fee. Trash bag stickers (available from local stores) would be required on additional bags. This option would apply to situations where pickup was desired on a day other than that provided for in option 1 above.

3.  Alternatively, yard waste may be dropped off free of charge for a limited time at the Johnson County Landfill. The landfill is located at 17955 Holiday Drive in Shawnee KS (exit 8A off I-435) and is operated daily from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Yard waste being dropped off will need be in paper bags or otherwise be emptied at time of delivery. Residents will need to provide ID in order to establish as being member of Oak Hill Homes, a Deffenbaugh customer. The landfill may be reached for more information at: 913-631-8181.

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