1.22.15                 7:00pm                  Calvary Church

Board members in attendance:  Kevin Boetcher, President / Karen Petersen, Treasurer / Cindy St. John, Vice President / Emily VanArsdale, Secretary /Amy Niemann, Social / Chris Olsen, Website/Publicity / Karen Hinkle, Beautification / Ron Durling, Architecture /Susan Hairgrove, pool

Jay Jones – Pastor of Calvary church said a few words and passed around a World Survey.  He wants to visit folks in the community and get to know them.  He reported on a few things the church is doing:  they are hoping to have a dentist here for free services every so often.  Mass feeding – feed 4000 people in a day – package and ship meals to a hungry country – will need volunteers for that.  He thanked us for our support.

Lou Serrone – Lenexa city councilman:  hats off to us for supporting our neighborhood and our city!  Lenexa city center report.  Lenexa has grown to 50,000 and are still growing.  City is well managed.  Solid economic growth.  Good quality of life.

7:13pm – meeting called to order

Introduction of board members / review of agenda for the evening.

Kevin asked if all homeowners in attendance read and approved the minutes.  Jack Mickiewicz made a motion seconded by Jon Schnieders.  Motion passed unanimously.

Review of activities of the board:

·         Annual Meeting in January

·         Eight (8) board meetings throughout 2014  (nine)???

·         Two Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) informational sessions in July

·         Ongoing review of vendor contracts (pool, trash & landscaping)


Amy Niemann – reported on events we did this year.

Easter Egg Hunt – Sar-Ko-Par Park

?  71 Children & 90 Adults  in Attendance

Neighborhood Garage Sale

?  29 Homes Participated

Oak Hill Family Pool party & cookout

?  150 people attended

4th of July parade

?  30 Kids attended

Movie Nights at Pool (Two Events)

·         20-25 people attended each event

Holiday Party

  • 34 People attended

  • Majority of costs offset by $15 per couple charge

New Neighbors Welcoming Events

  • June & October

2015 Planned Events

·         Same events as last year

·         Movie Nights would need a new volunteer with projector.

All events account for less than 3% of Oak Hill Budget

Amy asked if there was anyone interested in taking over the Movies at the Pool for the summer since Ruben moved away.

Publicity – Chris Olsen gave an update on publicity activities:

·         Mail Chimp

·         Newsletter updates

·         Website Updates

·         Minutes uploaded

Kevin Boetcher reported for Ron Durling on Architecture/Community Standards:

  • Enforcement of Restrictions

  • Approval Process for improvements

  • Working with the city planners when owners want home modifications  (Proper Permitting)

  • Community Standards

    • Respond to formal concerns submitted via email

    • Working with city when it comes to code enforcement

      • Property Maintenance

      • Yard Maintenance

      • Vehicle Restrictions

    • City of Lenexa Forum with other HOA Boards

Welcoming activities – Kevin Boetcher reported.

·         24 homes sold in Oak Hill in 2014

·         Gift bags were distributed that included an Oak Hill Welcome data sheet listing activities, etc., the Directory and a HyVee Grocery Bag and Panera Pastries (donated items that Karen Peterson gets for us).

·         New Neighbor events

·         Most of the new families have multiple children so the pool has increased in busy-ness.

Kevin Boetcher reported on Beautification activities – new landscaping, plantings and trees.  30 year old sprinkler system had replacements and upgrades.

?  34 Ash Trees along Lackman Road & 79th Street

?   All trees along Lackman & 79th running under power lines are rated poor and recommended for removal and replacement.

?   7 trees removed in 2014 as part of EAB budget

Tree Removal costs approximately $300-$400 per tree

?   Proposed spending of $5200 for 2015 to accelerate removal and replacement

?   2-3 year project

?   Special Committee formed to determine best type of replacement planting

Kevin Boetcher reported on the Pool committee – 2014 update and 2015 plans

2014 Update

Pinnacle Pools did another great job managing the pool

Wristbands and pool checkers

·         Cooler weather created difficulties scheduling checkers

·         Sand Filter Replaced

·         Baby Pool repainted to add a bit more traction

·         Section of Plaster in 5’ section broke off

·         Pool Cover Repair Attempted

2015 Plans

·         Contracted with Pinnacle Pools for 2015

·         Wristbands and pool checkers planned for 2015

·         Repair Projects

Pool project: Kevin Boetcher went over expenses related to patching/repairing the pool both this year and in the very near future.

29 years old opened in 1986

$50,000 in reserves set aside 15 years ago for large scale pool project

?  Short Term Repairs & Purchases – 2015

?  Patch Repair at $5,000  (1-2 seasons)

?  Replacement Pool Cover $10,000    (Repair in 2014 Unsuccessful)

?  Long Term Repairs & Purchases – 2016 – 2017

?  Coping stone edging replacement

?  Waterline tile replacement

?  Replastering

?  30 day Project

?  2 current bids at approximately – $60,000 each

Kevin Boetcher reported on the Emerald Ash Borer report:

What is emerald ash borer?

Emerald ash borer is an exotic, invasive beetle. It infests and destroys native North American ash trees.  Approximately 20 million trees have been killed since 2002.

EAB has been detected within a few miles of Oak Hill to the west and east

Untreated Ash Trees should die within next 3-5 years

Oak Hill Ash Inventory

Survey Completed in spring of 2014

?  264 Street Facing Ash Trees on 186 properties

?  49 rated  “Excellent”

?  86 rated “Good”

?  80 rated “Fair”

?  49 rated  “Poor”

The Oak Hill Board recommends treating all trees rated “Fair” or better.  Karen Hinkle asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to serve on a committee to help with decisions regarding EAB.

EAB Treatment / Tree Removal Options

URBAN TREE SPECIALISTS / www.urbantreekc.com / 816-214-8327

For pricing discounts mention Oak Hill Homes Association

More information at www.oakhillhomes.org

Neighborhood Survey:  Kevin Boetcher reported on the results:

164 Responses

§  93% strongly or somewhat agree that a neighborhood pool adds value

§  95% strongly or somewhat agree that well maintained common areas add value

§  87% strongly or somewhat agree that contracting for Trash/ Recycling service is an essential HOA function

§  61% were unaware that the HOA dues have not increased in 20 years

§  72% strongly or somewhat in favor of a $50 annual increase in dues

§  Less than 10% would be in favor of eliminating pool, trash & recycling and common area maintenance if an annual increase were not approved.

                            Those 3 areas comprise 95% of the annual budget

Annual Dues vote:  Kevin Boetcher reviewed the dues increase proposal and voting requirements:

·         Proposing dues increase of $50 to $400 annually

o   Short term – 3 years

§  Fund Pool Repairs & Landscaping / EAB project

o   Long term

§  Replenish Reserves

§  Accommodate Inflationary increases in Trash, Landscaping & Pool services

·         Dues originally set at $240 in 1983  (before pool was constructed)

·         Raised to $350 sometime shortly after pool construction

·         No increase in over 20 years

·         Surrounding Neighborhood Dues

o   $490 – Parkhurst

o   $450 – Colony Hills

o   $425 – Ashley Park

o   $550 – Wedgewood

·         Vote Requirements

·         Simple majority of attendees  to raise dues to $360 or 150% increase over original $240

·         55% approval to increase to $480 or 200% increase from original

·         60% approval to increase anything over $480.00.

·         One vote per household


Bob Zurcher clarified percentage of attendees here from one household.

Doug Boyd Moved to increase the dues.  Mike Haynes seconded.

Hand vote was taken, motion passed unanimously – no “nay” votes were recorded.

This will take effect on this next annual dues collection – March 1st, 2015.

Budget presentation – Karen Peterson / Kevin Boetcher went over the treasurer’s activities and budget:

Karen Peterson was given a standing ovation for all of her hard work and dedication to the Oak Hill Board and any/all financial considerations therein!!  A well-deserved ovation!

·         All but 2 Home Owners dues unpaid for 2014

o   In last 14 years, all past due balances and late fees have been collected from every home


2015 budget figures were presented by Kevin Boetcher and Karen Petersen.

Motion was made by Susan Hairgrove that we pass the budget – Lou Serrone seconded.  Motion passed.

Motion for approval of board of directors: Bob Zurcher moved and Jack Misiewicz seconded.  Motion passed.

Tia Schneiders will join the board and attend meetings.

Jack Misiewicz moved we give the church some $$ for using their meeting room.  Kevin Boetcher seconded.  Motion passed.

Open discussion:

Concern was raised about darkness on one neighborhood streets.  Call the city for assistance.  Lou Serrone recommended who we could call.

Fencing issue for a neighbor – she felt like the HOA let her down because we didn’t do enough about it on her behalf. It had been decided that it was a neighbor issue since no ordinances, neighborhood or City were violated

Motion to adjourn – Bob Zurcher.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.


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