Emerald Ash Borer Update

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The urgency in treating your Ash tree(s) is illustrated by the recent post that the City of Lenexa made on the neighborhood community social media site Nextdoor.  The City of Lenexa representative indicated that they have been receiving a large number of calls from residents stating that their trees are dying.  In response, the City of Lenexa posted information on identifying Ash trees and the associated threat by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  So, if you hope to save your Ash tree(s), starting to treat your tree(s) this year is important as delaying to next year may be too late.

A couple of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) treatment dates:
·         Urban Tree Specialist will be continuing to provide injection treatments to Oak Hill homeowners thru approximately mid-July.
·         Injection treatments will start back up in early September and continue thru approximately the end of September.
Comments I’ve heard:
·         “Treatment is a forever commitment.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has placed a strong importance on saving the Ash tree.  To address the EAB beetle, the USDA started a biological control program to reduce the EAB population through the use of natural enemies.  There are three species of a stingless wasp in China that are natural predators to the EAB beetle. Following five years of controlled testing to ensure that the wasp would have no significant impact on our eco-system, the USDA started releasing the wasp in the State of Michigan in 2007.  To date, the three wasp species have been released in 24 states with two more (Texas and Georgia) in the near future.  My personal hope and desire is that our treatments are just a short-term bridge to when the natural predator can reduce and then control the EAB beetle population at an acceptable level as I highly value my Ash trees.
·         “I’m going to wait until I see damage in my Ash tree(s).”  Waiting until you see visible damage from EAB may be too late to save the tree.
·         “I’m treating or going to treat my own Ash tree(s).”  Be aware that utilizing a “consumer grade” pesticide has success limitations.  In the seminars that I have attended and the conversations that I’ve had with arborist, tree diameter is very important to success.  Arborists have told me that they would not utilize the drenching treatment method on an Ash tree with a diameter larger than 10 inches.
As a reminder, we continue to work with a treatment provider, Urban Tree Specialist, to provide their services at a greatly reduced rate to the Oak Hill homeowners.  To schedule a tree evaluation and receive a treatment quote, Urban Tree Specialist can be reached at 816-214-8327.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Randy Stephens
Oak Hill Home Association
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