more than just a neighborhood

a tradition of family memories




A great place to live today, a better place tomorrow

Oak Hill Homes is a home owners association that truly cares about its neighbors and we pride ourselves on our involvement in our community. We love the sense of family that comes with our monthly gatherings and honor our neighbors voices. We strive for a happy and safe community where priceless memories can be made with family and friends. Being a part of Oak Hill Home Owner Association is more than just living in a friendly neighborhood, but provides it residents with a strong sense of belonging and comfort. It’s the importance of knowing that there is always a helpful hand to assist with any complications that may arise during homeownership process that Oak Hill Homes prides itself in.

Oak Hill Home Owners Association provides a sense of community that cant be found any any where else. We really pride ourselves in welcoming our fellow neighbors and lending a hand to those in need. We have great dignity in our recreational amenities; like our fabulous pool area and flamingo Fridays that bring a sense of close familiarity to your home.


Our Board of Directors

President Susan Hairgrove [email protected]
Vice President Chris Olsen [email protected]
Treasurer Karen Petersen [email protected]
Beautification Kathleen Martin [email protected]
Publicity [email protected] 
Pool Tia Schnieders [email protected]
Compliance Randy Stephens [email protected]
Social Events Lisa Reales [email protected]

Committee Chairmen

Marketing/Communications Christina Glapa [email protected]
Website Chris Olsen [email protected]


The Association dues are used to pay for trash pick-up for all members, all maintenance of the pool, daily pool operation, maintenance of all common area landscape, and watering systems. The dues also go to pay for neighborhood events throughout the year.

The annual dues are $480.00 and are due by March 1st each year. Please mail to:

Oak Hill Homes Association
PO Box 14704
Lenexa, Kansas 66285

A five dollar ($5) late fee is added for each month the annual dues are late. Failure to pay dues on time can and will result in suspension of weekly trash collection service and suspension of pool privileges for family members and guests.

If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer at [email protected]

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