The pool is available to all family members of the Oak Hill Homes Association that have paid their annual dues.  It includes a large pool 30 ft by 60 ft and ranges from 3ft deep to 9ft deep and is heated in the fall and spring. It also includes a kiddy pool, rest rooms, umbrella tables and lounge chairs.

There is a phone at the pool located on the wall by the water cooler.  The phone number  is: 492-5733.  Only local calls are allowed.

Pool Passes

The pool is only available to members of the Oak Hill Homes association in good standing and their guests. Admittance to the pool is by CODE ONLY.   By entering the pool using your household code you are accepting the Pool Agreement.  If you are needing your pool code, e-mail [email protected].

CLICK HERE (2015 Oak Hill Pool Use Agreement) to view and print the 2015 pool use agreement.

Pool Wrist Bands will be distributed at the pool during the following times:

Saturday, May 16th  from 9am to 1pm (Pre-Opening)
Sunday, May 17th      from 11am to 3pm (Pre-Opening)
Saturday, May 22nd     from 9am to 3pm (Opening Day)

Please print a copy of the 2015 Oak Hill Pool Use Agreement, fill in the information at the bottom of the form and take with you in order to receive wristbands.

Following the initial distributions, homeowners still needing pool wristbands can call to request them from the Schnieders at 438-2017 the rest of the summer.  Please download and print the 2014 Pool Use Agreement form from links available on this page.  Fill in the information at the bottom of the form and take it with you to the Schnieders.

Contact Jon or Tia Schnieders  at 913 438-2017 for pool party reservations.

Pool Rules

Please review the 2015 Oak Hill Pool Use Agreement for a complete set of pool rules and the signs located at the pool. Here are some things you should know before you go to the pool:

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older
  • Members can bring guests to the pool. Please limit to 1 guest per household member
  • Floatation devices are allowed if they are no larger than an air mattress or 3 ft in diameter
  • Glass containers are not allowed
  • No cut-off shorts or other clothing is allowed as a substitute for a swimsuit
  • Babies must wear diapers and rubber pants or “swim diapers” while in the water
  • Food is allowed but food and food containers must be kept 4ft from the pool (Kansas State Health Reg.)
  • Persons should leave the pool and seek shelter indoors upon hearing thunder –

If you have and questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact the Pool Chair at  [email protected].   The president can be contacted at [email protected]

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