Trash collection is provided to each property in the sub-division that is in good standing with the Oak Hill Homes Assoc. and has paid their dues. Trash collection is provided by Deffenbaugh Disposal Service.

Trash, recycle and yard waste is picked up once per week on Thursdays.  See the table below for holiday rescheduled pickup dates. Carts and bags should be placed curbside for collection by 7:00 A.M.    Please be considerate of you neighbors and place trash outside no sooner than the night before to avoid any unnecessary eyesores.

All trash must be placed in bags inside the cart with the black lid.   Trash not fitting in cart may be placed in bags with appropriate stickers purchasable from Deffenbaugh at 913-621-3100 and local stores.

All recycling  should be placed loosely inside the cart with the yellow lid.   Acceptable recycling items are: newspapers, magazines, office paper, cereal boxes and soft drink cartons, type 1 – type 7 plastics, aluminum cans, food cans and brochures and catalogs.   Other items including trash are not acceptable for placement in the recycling cart.

Residents are allowed eight(8) paper bags or bundles of year waste per week during the months of January (1) through September (30) and ten (10) per week during the months of October (1) through December (31). Tree limbs, brush, etc. must be tied in bundles no more than four (4) feet in length and 18 inches in diameter with no tree limbs being greater than four (4) inches in diameter. Bundle weight is not exceed 40 pounds. Extra bags bundles beyond the allotted number must be stickered – contact Waste Management for more information.

Carts should be placed within one foot of curb with cart wheels facing away from street.  Leave 3 feet of space between carts and other objects.  Carts may be placed on opposite sides of driveway.

Note that separate trucks are used at different times in collecting trash, recycling and yard waste.

For glass recycling, please use a Ripple Glass collection bin. The closest is located at 87th and Lackman near Rimann Liquors.

Holiday Rescheduled Trash Pick Up Dates – (Will Come One Day Late)

Martin Luther King Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

Bulk Item Pickup.

The annual curb-side bulk Item pickup provided by the City of Lenexa has been discontinued. Deffenbaugh will now be offering this service free of charge to individual Oak Hill residents on a once per year basis.
Schedule a pickup by calling Deffenbaugh customer services at: 913-631-3300. Items to be picked up must be left curbside by 7:00AM on trash collection days (i.e. Thursday’s for Oak Hill except for holiday scheduling). Items eligible for bulk item collection are listed on the Deffenbaugh website at:

Note: Fencing and Railroad Ties are included in non-collectable items.

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