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We are a neighborhood community that cares about its residents as if they were family. We strive for a happy and safe community where priceless memories can be made with family and friends. Being a part of Oak Hill Home Owner Association is more than just living in a friendly neighborhood, but provides it residents with a strong sense of belonging and comfort. It’s the importance of knowing that there is always a helpful hand to assist with any complications that may arise during homeownership process that Oak Hill Homes prides itself in.

Oak Hill Home Owners Association provides a sense of community that can’t be found any any where else. We really pride ourselves in welcoming our fellow neighbors and lending a hand to those in need. We have great dignity in our recreational amenities; like our fabulous pool area and flamingo Fridays that carries the feeling of familiarity to your home.

Trash, recycle & yard waste
Trash collection is provided to each property in the sub-division that is in good standing with the Oak Hill Homes Assoc. and has paid their dues. Trash collection is provided by Waste Management.
Lots of Fun in the Sun
The pool includes a large pool 30 ft by 60 ft and is heated in the fall and spring. It also includes a kiddy pool, rest rooms, umbrella tables and lounge chairs.
Contacts at Your Fingertips
The Oak Hill Directory is distributed each Summer. If you didn’t receive your directory, or would like to receive one, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

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