Oak Hill Homes Association

Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2014


Date of Meeting:  03.25.14

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Karen Peterson’s home


In Attendance:            Kevin Boetcher, President

Cindy St. John, Vice President

Karen Petersen, Treasurer

Emily VanArsdale, Secretary

Ron Durling, Architecture/Community Standards

Amy Niemann

Susan Hairgrove

Karen Hinkle

Chris Olsen


The meeting was called to order at 7:12 p.m. by Kevin Boetcher.  Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the last meeting meeting was made by Cindy St. John and seconded by Amy Niemann.  Motion carried.


Budget Report – Karen

41 homeowners are not paid up for their dues.  Many of them are repeat offenders.

2 are in closing on the sale of a home.

An e-mail blast was sent one week after the 2nd notice was given.


Balances are as follows:

Checking:                    $6,638.08

Money Market:           $90,485.91

Money Market 2:        $52,181.07

Total Assets:               $149,305.06


The pool licensing is going up from $302- $317

PO box rental is going up from $88 – $92


There was discussion about how to handle “Neighbor Services” for Oak Hill.  The board decided that $5 payment for 1 year of advertising/posting on the website for services that our neighbors offer would be sufficient.




Signs for the Easter Egg Hunt went up this week.  Updates to the events calendar are on the website.

We have instituted a ONE RSVP e-mail for neighbors to RSVP to events for – so that they go in to a single unit and different people don’t have to worry about tracking RSVP’s.  Amy and Susan get that e-mail and handle it.

Garage Sale vinyl signs – Ron will put those up the Thursday before the garage sale.

Movie nights are going to be June 26th, July 28th and possibly one more.

The block party will be October 18th.

Pool Party – we will block off the street to get more space/tables for cooking/serving and enjoying.

Doing catering research for the pool party now.  We will do our best to keep the pricing at what is has been / about the same.  The plan is to make the pool party more of a carnival theme to make it more fun for the kids and everyone.  We will be splitting up what people bring (side item vs. dessert) to keep things more even.

New Neighbor Welcome Party – board members and new neighbors will be invited to a mixer, of sorts.  Can be come and go – more of an open house for new neighbors to meet some board members and spouses.  Will need a $50 budget for treats for these.




Karen H. and Clare met with a guy from Ryan Lawn and Tree (RLT) for bids on removing trees and shrubs, trimming trees and shrubs, etc. along 79th St. from Randall East.  It was discovered that we have sprinklers in this area while working with the city on curb replacement late last summer.  I’ve got a bid from Rod Davis but it included plantings, mulching, etc.  I’ll try to get him to break down his bid to just removals and trimmings sometime today.  Then we can compare his bid with Ryan’s.  The bid was $1100 – $1300.


Karen and I also had RLT bid on removing dead shrubs and tree roots from the island on Darnell.  We had the tree on this island removed last year but now it’s obvious everything needs to go so we can start fresh.  He recommended we plant a new type of elm tree which has resistance to the elm disease of years ago.  I asked Rod Davis to give me a bid to remove the plantings so we can compare bids.  I hope he can give me bids on everything so you’ll have it for the meeting tonight.  I’m also keeping in touch with the Boyd’s who live in the cul-de-sac and are going to water the plantings.


The guy with RLT told Karen and me that he wouldn’t treat our common area ash trees for emerald ash borer and to remove them if they get infected.  They are the wrong tree in the wrong place.  They are large trees growing under electrical lines which get severely cut back from the lines every few years.  A tree can only take so many branch removals from the same side of the tree before it begins to fail.  Rod Davis agrees with this assessment.


Emerald Ash Borer:

Chris’ guy will come out and look at the trees in our neighborhood for a cost of $500. Included in this bid is him driving around in his truck, looking ONLY in front yards and common areas and marking trees that might become infected.  He also said he would let us know which ones were already infected as he could tell immediately.  We discussed the fact that he cannot go into back yards and will not be doing so, but that a message should go out to neighbors about him driving slowly around the neighborhood with this activity, just so everyone knows.  The bid also includes him giving us a full recommendation of what we need to do as long as we give him first right of refusal on the work to be done.

Cindy made a motion to spend the $500 for the Emerald Ash Borer tree survey to be done in the neighborhood.  Amy seconded the motion and it passed.

We also discussed a brief newsletter or doorhanger regarding this specific topic for all neighbors.  Chris mentioned he could take care of it easily or the Arborist might be able to as well.  To be decided later.



Chris will set up a new way to do e-mail blasts that is more efficient than how we have been doing it.  Chris and Kevin will speak offline about how to get this done and what needs to be done.

The HOA officer/member list has been updated.



Pool bands have been ordered

Pool band distribution will be May 17th and 18th

Pool opening is Saturday, May 24th

Pool closing is September 7th


Architecture/Community Standards

One homeowner is investigating a particular type of siding for their home.  They asked Ron about vinyl.  He said we will look at it on a case by case basis, but they need to get back to the HOA before they make a final decision.



Missed yard waste pickup on 81st Terrace and 83rd place

Kevin called and got it taken care of.

There is a new e-mail for neighborhood-specific trash issues.

There is a Neighborhood  Outreach Meeting for Lenexa neighborhood HOA’s on April 9th at 5:30pm at City Hall.  Someone from our group will attend.

Dumpster weekend is April 12-13



Next meeting was set for May 8th at 7:00pm at Karen Peterson’s home.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:12pm.

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