Oak Hill Homes Association

Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2014


Date of Meeting:  05.8.14

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Karen Peterson’s home


In Attendance:            Kevin Boetcher, President

Karen Petersen, Treasurer

Emily VanArsdale, Secretary

Ron Durling, Architecture/Community Standards

Amy Niemann

Susan Hairgrove

Karen Hinkle

Chris Olsen

Absent:                        Cindy St. John, Vice President


The meeting was called to order at 7:17 p.m. by Kevin Boetcher.  Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the last meeting meeting was made by Amy Niemann and seconded by Karen Peterson.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Karen

7 homeowners are not paid up for their dues.

1 is a home for sale, next to Ron Durling.

2 are rental homes.

We will send letters to non payors and they will not get pool passes.

Kevin will call each of them to encourage payment.

Karen will file a lien on the home for sale next to Ron.

Karen and Kevin need to go to the bank together to co-sign on the accounts.

Neighbors received notification about changes to watering in our water bills.


Balances are as follows:

Checking:                    $6,603.23

Money Market:           $90,408.31

Money Market 2:        $52,181.07

Total Assets:               $154,192.61



Pool band distribution will be on Saturday, May 17th 9am-1pm (Kevin and Emily will attend)

Sunday, May 18th 11am-3pm (Chris and Karen H will attend)

Saturday, May 24th 9am-3pm (Karen P., Amy, Karen H. and Ron will attend)

Pool band checkers will be Noah Schnieders and Lucy?? and the new code is 1523.

Updates were discussed and made to the pool use agreement which neighbors sign when they pick up their pool bands. Chris made some changes during our meeting and Kevin finished making them later.  It was decided that the numbers for pool emergency contact should be the following:

#1 – Lora with Pinnacle Pools

#2 – Kevin Boetcher

#3 – Susan Hairgrove


The baby pool has been painted and it looks much better this year.

Water aerobics will begin when the pool opens, Chris will update the website via Clare’s info sent via e-mail.

Discussion that Clare had with Lora of Pinnacle Pools about the pump and opening earlier that we had originally indicated /Lora’s answers:  We will be opening the pool next week.  I know people are excited but once the pool is open, it has to be maintained.  Even if we finish it by Friday, the 15th, we still have 9 days that we have to check it, clean skimmers, and chemicals, etc. The pump leak does not affect anything.  It leaked slowly all of last year.  Just annoying and wet floor.



Easter Egg Hunt was a great success!  71 kids and 85 adults RSVP’d.

Garage Sale – 23 signed up, 29 homes did a sale.

Pool Party is June 14th.  We will block off the street this year to make room for more activities and tables and chairs will be set up in the parking lot for sitting to eat.  There will be reminder slips of paper to hand out at pool band pickup for RSVP information.  There will also be a balloon artist, bouncy house and police and firemen to spray the kids.

Movie nights at the pool are set for June 28th and July 26th – the last Saturdays of the month.

October 18th is the block party.

New Neighbor Open House will be Sunday, June 1st 2-4pm at Susan Hairgrove’s house.



Planting has taken place in the Darnell cul-de-sac and looks nice.

Clare has communicated with Tom Fulton and indicated the following:  Just FYI, there is a broken sprinkler head in the island at 83rd and Lackman towards the front.  Rod Davis called me about it a few weeks ago, said it looked like a car went over the island for a few feet and broke the head.  Not much damage to plants, just the sprinkler. There will probably be issues with the sprinkler heads at 79th and Lackman by the controller.  If ‘Wright Tree Service’ didn’t cause damage while pruning trees under the power line, it was the ‘City of Lenexa’ doing curb work again.  I called both ‘Wright Tree Service’ and the city about deep ruts caused by their vehicles and got the area smoothed over and some grass seed thrown down (which of course had no chance of growing).  There will no doubt be sprinkler problems again.  That poor area seems to get all the big trucks parking on it every year!  When you’re in the area I’d like to introduce you to Karen Hinkle who is taking over the common area maintenance this year since this is my last summer here.


Emerald Ash Borer:

Urban Arborists came through and checked our trees.  Where possible they did look in front and back yards.  Their report is in excel format and is somewhat difficult to decipher – it needs explaining, but Chris understands it and can explain it to anyone that has questions.

Some notes: DBH = diameter of tree / LOC = side of home where the tree is

They have indicated the cost to treat the trees – $9 x diameter of tree x 2 years and includes a neighborhood discount.  Chris will post the report on the website so neighbors can make their own decisions on how to proceed.  Chris and Kevin will clean up the document and will provide a key before getting it on the website so that it is as clear as it can be.


Architecture/Community Standards

Borgmans want to put a sport court in their backyard.  It is approved by the board, but they will need to discuss it with their neighbors first to make sure there are no issues with doing this.

Kevin has fielded some roofing questions from some neighbors – just verifying restrictions on roofing and siding.  This led to some group discussion of updating our by-laws and where that process stands (Rise Strasser).



We will now be using Mail Chimp to blast out e-mails to neighbors.  Chris has worked with this product before and it has many more capabilities than how we’ve been doing it.  Karen will e-mail the list to Chris to get it set up.

We are open to adding neighbors’ services on the website now (babysitting, pet sitting, etc.).

Chris will update the website to an updated version of WordPress – making all of this even easier and more user-friendly.

Next meeting was set for June 10th at 7:00pm at Karen Peterson’s home.



Meeting was adjourned at 9:02pm.


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