Oak Hill Homes Association

Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2014


Date of Meeting:  07.15.2014

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Karen Peterson’s home


In Attendance:             Kevin Boetcher, President

Cindy St. John, Vice President

Karen Petersen, Treasurer

Ron Durling, Architecture/Community Standards

Emily VanArsdale, Secretary

Susan Hairgrove

Karen Hinkle


Absent:                                    Chris Olsen

Amy Niemann



The meeting was called to order at 7:14 p.m. by Kevin Boetcher.  Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the last meeting meeting was made by Cindy St. John and seconded by Karen Peterson.  Motion carried.


Architecture/Community Standards

Concrete around mailboxes was checked out and nothing seems to be wrong.

Discussion about weeds in back yard and how we need to / not need to handle.  Kevin will call the City and check on protocol.


Treasurer’s Report – Karen

Just a few bills are outstanding (filter and pump for the pool).

Corrected budget for YTD expenses was presented.

2 outstanding dues, 1 is making payments.  Will put a lein on the outstanding dues non payors.

We re-upped our insurance and paid in one lump sum so we could get a discount.


Balances are as follows:

Checking:                    $6,172.17

Money Market:            $61,889.88

Money Market 2:         $52,

Total Assets:                $123,780



The gate is better, code is still “iffy” at times.

We’ve had issues with the number of guests and complaints about # of guests that can come with a resident family.  Discussion was around the following:

–          Need to tighten up the guest policy – 3 guests per household

–          Potentially tighten up the pool band checking too

–          Need larger “No Lifeguard” sign??

–          How to handle the plaster situation in the pool – needs to be fixed.

–          Baby pool was repainted again and now isn’t as slippery as it was.






Pool party went great – constructive criticism is welcomed.

Next movie night is upcoming – Ruben will handle it since we have several board members out of town.

Next new neighbor social is planned for 9/27 4-6pm (has since been changed to October 4th).  Board members will bring snacks to share.

Fall block party is slated for a weekend in October (has since been cancelled).



No report



Ash trees on lackman need to be looked at for removal – lost limbs, roots are binding up sprinkler lines and such.  Will have Ryan and Ron do a bid.

Sprinkler heads needing to be replaced – someone has run over them.


Emerald Ash Borer:

Meeting Tuesday, the 22nd at 7:00pm and Saturday, the 26th at 9:00am

Will send e-mail blast and have a sign at the pool reminding residents to attend.

Urban Arborists will be at both session and will spell out the cost of treatment and the discount they are giving us.  10 – 15% would be good, but we should shoot for 20 – 25%.

Will present info and options.

Will invite the K-State Extension too

Agenda for the EAB session:

City has inventoried and will reimburse 50% of the cost if it has potential to become infected.  Will not pay for removal.  One tree per household gets the reimbursement.

Trees along Lackman and 79th are our gray areas – they are homeowner responsible.  24 out of 35 trees are eligible in these areas.  Let’s get “poor” trees out of here now before they become infected.  Maybe do 7 per year for 5 years / remove and replace.

Cindy moved that we pursue this tree removal plan, Ron seconded.  Motion carried.

If the board can attend the meetings for support, please do so.




Next meeting was set for Tuesday, September 9th at 7:00pm at Karen Peterson’s home.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.

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