Oak Hill Homes Association

Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2014

Date of Meeting: 11.02.2014

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Karen Peterson’s home

In Attendance:          Kevin Boetcher, President

Cindy St. John, Vice President

Karen Petersen, Treasurer

Ron Durling, Architecture/Community Standards

Emily VanArsdale, Secretary

Susan Hairgrove

Karen Hinkle

Chris Olsen

Amy Niemann

The meeting was called to order at 7:25 pm by Kevin Boetcher.  Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the last meeting meeting was made by Cindy St. John and seconded by Susan Hairgrove.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen

We still have the closing down of the pool bill and December trash bills outstanding, as well as the bill for the tree removal and midwest mowing and shutting down sprinkler systems.  We need to track down two covers for the chairs that Karen has donated.

Dues:  have not filed a lien on our one outstanding dues on which a lien had not previously been filed.  Kevin will send them a letter. Deffenbaugh trash has been shut off from that neighbor.

One neighbor is still making payments and the other had a lien filed on them already.

Deffenbaugh costs will not be going up this year.  This will be our last year before an increase.

Balances are as follows:

Checking:                  $ 8,154.46

Money Market:         $ 25,820.07

Money Market 2:      $ 52,242.29

Total Assets:     $ 86, 216.82


Pools need a major overhaul every 20-25 years or so – tiling, replastering, coping stones, etc.  We are at the point where we just need to redo a lot of things, which can run between $30,000 – $60,000.  We can’t afford to do the overhauling and spending $ now and then not having the pool open this summer.  A patch would cost us about $5,000.  We should do that this year and plan to spent the larger dollar amount over the next 2-3 years.  We could do the patch this spring and be okay for a few more years.

Lora also recommended that we get a new pool cover ($9,000 – $10,000).  Discussion was had over how our pool cover is stored and put on and removed.

Motion was made by Susan Hairgrove that we put the patch and a new pool cover in the pool budget ($15,000) for 2015 seconded by Ron Durling.  Motion carried.


The marked trees have been removed and at least one neighbor has been very upset with the removal, claiming that they did not know it was happening and not understanding how the process was occurring.  Karen Hinkle did get them to agree to serve on the committee that determines these types of beautification issues.  All trees previously discussed have been removed and we will need to discuss replacements for them.

Discussion was had about what we are paying for the monthly landscaping of common areas and what our contracted worker is doing and maybe tying that down a bit tighter.  Cindy St John made a motion that Karen H. get bids on mowing and maintenance on common areas.  It was seconded by Susan Hairgrove.  Motion carried.


The new neighbor orientation was held on October 4th.  18 new families were invited, 9 attended the party.  It was a fun event and was well attended.  We’ll probably do another one in the Spring, once we have more new neighbors.

Holiday party – signs have gone up in the neighborhood and one e-mail blast has gone out.  We have had one host already committed and will work on more.  Need 3 more homes.  Karen Peterson will be a host home.

Architecture /Community Standards

No report.


We need an e-mail plan for a regular schedule.  A monthly newsletter type format sent out by the 15th of every month.

Budget and Annual Dues:

We are looking at an additional $10,000 – $15,000/year over the next few  years because of upcoming capital expenses that we will have.  So, considering an increase in dues is probably appropriate at this time.  We are the lowest neighborhood dues for any of the neighborhoods around us and even an increase would still keep us lower than every neighborhood around us.

Survey discussion – some concerns were raised about questions on the survey, but we consider that people who don’t really care about what is going on probably won’t respond to the survey anyway.  Specific questions were discussed and revamped.

Annual meeting is set for January 22nd, 2015, 7:00 – 9:00pm.

post cards will need to go out 30 days prior (December 22nd, 2014).

Next meeting was set for Tuesday, December 16th tentatively at 7:00pm at Karen Peterson’s home.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:19pm.

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