Oak Hill Homes Association

Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2014

Date of Meeting:  9.09.2014

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Karen Peterson’s home

In Attendance:          Kevin Boetcher, President

Cindy St. John, Vice President

Karen Petersen, Treasurer

Ron Durling, Architecture/Community Standards

Emily VanArsdale, Secretary

Susan Hairgrove

Karen Hinkle

Chris Olsen

Amy Niemann

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Kevin Boetcher.  Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the last meeting meeting was made by Cindy St. John and seconded by Amy Niemann.  Motion carried.

Architecture/Community Standards

Concrete around mailboxes was checked out and nothing seems to be wrong.

Discussion about weeds in back yard and how we need to / not need to handle.  Kevin will call the City and check on protocol.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen

Just a few bills are outstanding – Pinnacle Pools.  They haven’t cashed the last check yet.  We gave them a deposit of $1500 on the pump and sand filter and they have given us credit, so we still owe them $818.88.  Karen will pay that ASAP.

3 total outstanding dues non-payers, 1 is making payments.  One of the others will have a lien filed on them and the other one already has one.  Karen has called Deffenbaugh twice about no trash pick up at the one but has not received a response.  Kevin will send a letter about filing a lien on them as well.

Balances are as follows:

Checking:                  $4082.88

Money Market:         $45641.44

Money Market 2:      $52233.13

Total Assets:             $ 101957.65

There was some confusion on the pool pass pickup book names and Karen will work with Tia to get it straightened out.  She gave new names/e-mails to be entered to Chris.



Lora got two expert bids on fixing the plaster crack.  Could be $34,000 to re-do the whole pool.  They’ll complete the bids and we’ll decide as a board what to do.

We have a reserve fund for this purpose, Kevin reminded the board.

Tia and John will take over Susan’s role as pool ‘person’ for next year.

There was discussion about what repairs will need a larger neighborhood decision at the annual meeting.

Cindy moved that we give $200 to Michael Petersen for car cleaning expenses after he volunteered to transfer the pool cover for us to where it was being fixed.  None of us had any idea how dirty/nasty it actually was.

Susan seconded the motion and it passed with one opposing.


Complaints about a dried out spot at Lingle and Lackman – Karen Hinkle will check it out and report back if its something we should be concerned about as a board.

Another complaint about sprinkler heads being broken, but were checked out and were found to be OK.

Bid for removal of the 6 trees from 79th street South on Lackman was $3,000   A few other random trees to be removed added up to $400 and $300 respectively and $150 for island junipers + $500 for street lane closure to complete these removals.  $4350 total for Urban Tree Specialists.

Branching Out (Rod) bid for the same work was $3725.

Have  not gotten a Ryan L&T bid yet.

Kevin suggested spending up to the EAB $2000 we are budgeted for for the tree removal.



New neighbor orientation is planned for October 4th, 3:00 – 5:00pm.  Invites went out to 18 new neighbors.

Holiday party planning is in action.  It is set for  December 6th.

The new neighbor interest group form will be updated to more accurately reflect what groups we actually have vs. simply what people are interested in doing, but will still capture interests that new neighbors may have in starting a particular group.


Architecture – no report


Discussion was had about moving to google docs so that each of us could have access to meeting notes, notifications and other items more consistently and more quickly.  We will work on heading this direction.

Directory – Dean Strasser is helping and it is time for us to be asking for ads.


General discussion:

2015 Board make-up:  Kevin will not be coming back as President.  He will help with big projects like EAB and the pool).

There was discussion about potentially raising dues at the Annual Meeting.  We are one of the lowest neighborhoods in the area concerning dues.

We will need to get the bylaws updated as well.

Should be surveying neighbors about how they feel about things?  Pool, raising dues, etc.  This could help with budgeting.  Kevin has agreed to help with the survey.

Next meeting was set for Monday, November 3rd at 7:00pm at Karen Peterson’s home.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.


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