Minutes of Oak Hill Homes Association Board Meeting
April 3, 2012

Date of Meeting:  04.03.12
Time:  7:00 p.m.
Location: Karen Petersen’s House

In Attendance:   Kevin Boetcher
Craig Borgman
Karen Petersen
Cindy St. John
Emily Van Arsdale
Clare Cook
Jim Beatty

Absent: Ron Durling
Ryan Wineinger

Minutes – Cindy St. John
Kevin Boetcher made the motion to accept the minutes of the January 9, 2012 HOA Board Meeting and the January 17, 2012 Annual Meeting. Emily Van Arsdale seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as written.

Board Positions – Kevin Boetcher
Kevin asked the current board members if they would like to remain on the board.
Emily Van Arsdale made motion to approve the following slate of officers. Clare Cook seconded the motion.

The following Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs will serve for 2012

President – Kevin Boetcher*
Vice President – Craig Borgman*
Treasurer – Karen Petersen*
Secretary – Cindy St. John*
Architecture Committee – Ron Durling*
Beautification Committee – Clare Cook*
Pool Committee – Ryan Wineinger*
Publicity/Webmaster – Jim Beatty
Social Committee – Emily Van Arsdale
Welcome Committee – Jamie & Craig Borgman
Declarations and Restrictions Ad Hoc Committee – Rise Strasser

(*Voting Director Position)

Beautification – Clare Cook
Water One will begin the final phase of replacing the broken water line along Lackman from 83rd St. to 79th St. on Monday, April 9, 2012. The work should be completed by April 23rd. Our sprinkler contractor, Tom Fulton, will repair sprinkler problems after review of the needed repairs by WaterOne project manager, Dana Hudson, and Clare Cook. Grass and/or sod replacement will be scheduled as soon as Dana can arrange the work.

Pool Committee – Kevin Boetcher
Ryan Wineiger agreed to chair the Pool Committee. The board agreed to have Pinnacle Pools manage the pool. Wristbands and pool checkers will be used again this year. Jon Schnieders agreed to open and close the pool. Clare Cook has agreed to manage the pool checkers. Clare will check on the amount of pool bands needed and will get with Ryan Wineiger to order.

The board agreed they would like to open the pool on May 19 this year due to the warm weather and that schools will be dismissed earlier this year. Kevin will contact Ryan to see if the planned pool repairs can be finished by May 19.

The new Pool “Rules” sign has been made and will be installed soon.

The board has talked about getting security cameras for the pool area. After receiving several bid and quotes for the internet, it was agreed that we would not get them.

Social Committee – Emily Van Arsdale
Our Easter Egg Hunt on March 31 was a great success. There were about 45 children who attended. The Easter Bunny came and passed out goodies. Thank you to Suzanne Egger who organized this event.

Possible Social Activities for 2012
Neighborhood Garage Sale – Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5
Family Pool Party & Cookout – (June 2)
Adult Movie Night at the Pool – (Summer)
Family Movie Night at the Pool – (Summer)
4th of July Parade – (July 4 – 1:00 p.m.)
Block Party – (Fall)
Adult Progressive Christmas Party – (December)
Children’s Holiday Party – (December)

Treasurer Report – Karen Petersen
Dues Notices were mailed on February 3, 2012
Mailed 2nd Dues Notice on March 15, 2012
We have 23 homeowners who have not paid dues. One home will be sold on May 11.
We have not been able to contact the owners of 8206 Alden. A lien has been filed. Neighbors are concerned that the grass has not been mowed. Kevin will contact the City of Lenexa.
he pool license has been paid and received. We made a down payment of $1,000 to Pinnacle Pools.

Account Balances – As of 04/02/12

Cash and Bank Accounts Checking      $      5,236.43
Money Market …………………………… $  109,347.30
Money Market 2 …………………………. $    51,996.89

TOTAL Bank Accounts ………………… $   166,550.62

TOTAL ASSETS ………………………… $   166,550.62

LIABILITIES ……………………………..  $               0.00

OVERALL TOTAL ……………………….. $ 166,550.62

Website – Jim Beatty
Jim Beatty is our new webmaster. Jim will send out email blasts to our homeowners when needed.

HOA Meeting Minutes will be posted on our website after they have been approved by the board.

Welcome – Karen Petersen
We had 18 new residents last year. Each new resident received a $10.00 Westlake gift card and a directory.

Block Captains – We would like to start a “Block Captain” program. We would like to have volunteers from each street. They could distribute directories, put fliers on mailboxes and greet new neighbors. Craig will write an article for Jim Beatty to send out an email blast asking for volunteers.

Next HOA Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1 at 7:00 p.m. at Karen Petersen’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Cindy St. John

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