Minutes of Oak Hill Homes Association Board Meeting
June 12, 2012

Date of Meeting: 06.12.12
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Karen Petersen’s House

In Attendance: Kevin Boetcher, President
Craig Borgman, Vice President
Karen Petersen, Treasurer
Cindy St. John, Secretary
Clare Cook, Beautification
Jim Beatty, Publicity/Webmaster
Ron Durling, Architecture

Absent: Emily Van Arsdale, Social

Minutes – Cindy St. John
Kevin Boetcher made the motion to accept the minutes of the 05.20.12 HOA Board Meeting. Clare Cook seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as written.

Architectural – Ron Durling
If we have homeowners who do not take care of their property, we will need to contact the City of Lenexa. They will check to see if there is a violation. If so, the city will contact the homeowner to make repairs or they will be fined.

Beautification – Clare Cook
All sprinklers are working; City of Lenexa paid Tom Fulton $590 to repair damage from curb replacement project along Lackman from 83rd St. to Lingle Lane. WaterOne paid for all repairs along Lackman from Lingle Lane to 79th St. Sod replacement is taking hold but we will have to water every day until fall. WaterOne employee told me the water line along Lackman from Lingle Lane to 83rd St. would be replaced next year if there were money in the budget.

A pin oak tree along Lackman had an iron injection on 5/29/12 at a cost of $130.68. Ryan Lawn guarantees the work for two years although it usually lasts around 5 years or more.

The cul-de-sac island on 81st Place is extremely overgrown and unkempt looking. I have been working with homeowner Carla Allerstein (492-6193) who lives in the cul-de-sac and has assumed responsibility for the island over the years. She has organized all her neighbors to take turns watering the plantings. We decided to remove all the plantings, keeping only the tree and replant next spring. I got two bids for removing the plantings; Ryan Lawn and Tree was lowest bid at $275.00. I have set a February 2013 removal date so we will qualify for a 10% discount. In the meantime, Rod Davis will severely prune the overgrown burning bush to improve the looks of the island this summer.

Rod Davis is replenishing rocks inside and around the pool. He is also adding rocks to individual islands as needed.

Noah Schnieders planted new perennials on 6/11/12 in the Berm fronting the pool. More plantings are in the works.
Pool Committee – Clare Cook

Lora with Pinnacle Pools requested we purchase a vacuum for the pool this spring. The cost would be around $1,900, as she would give us the wholesale price versus $3,000 if purchased on our own. The board voted to approve the purchase of the vacuum. The good news is that the sand filter has made it another year, saving us around $1,200. Lora also told me she does not recommend recoping the stone around the pool. Ryan got a bid of $8,000 to do the project this spring but we did not do it. Lora said there are some cracked stones but they do not currently pose any hazard. She recommends we replace them as needed; a pool under their management is having some stones replaced for about $200 per stone. The work can be done at any time, it is not necessary to drain the pool, etc. She thinks we should save our money for the replastering work our pool will need in a few years.

Tia Schnieders had a woman complain that the pool restrooms were dirty. I looked at them and they were fine but I reported the issue to Lora anyway. She suggested it might be that there is a hole in the drywall in the women’s restroom and the rubber mats are getting ratty. If we want to fix the wall and repaint both restrooms, she has a person who probably would do it for $100 to $150. The board voted to make the repairs and repaint both bathrooms. Clare will oversee the project and investigate replacement mats.

Lora located a person who will look at our water cooler to see if he can fix the problem of warm water. He charges $95 just to look at the cooler. It would probably cost a couple hundred dollars to fix it. It is getting old and was left outside last winter. In the past, Ryan stored it in his basement but it must have gotten overlooked last year. Lora does not think we should spend the money to fix it as most of the pools she manages have the same problem and live with it. The board voted not to make the repairs.

Lora also asked if we still want to heat the pool water. It has been set on 80 degrees for quite a while now. Karen said she had a complaint last week that it was too cold. Lora thinks we should turn the heater off as it puts a strain on the sand filter. It is also destructive to the plaster in the pool due to the extra chlorine required when the heater is operating. The pool should be getting much warmer on its own now that we are having temperatures in the 90’s. In addition, we always complain to her mid-summer that the water is too hot. The board asked Clare to verify that the heater is actually working. (Update: 6/13/12 Clare checked with Lora who said they had the heater serviced prior to turning it on for the season so they are sure it works. The heater was turned off on June 18th based on high summer temperatures and warmth of the water.)

Karen also reported last week that there were complaints about bugs in the drains. Lora said they spend an hour and a half cleaning the pool every morning and that bugs are a given at pools. She suggested we have the pool checkers use the net to remove them as needed during the day. In fact, Lora thinks they do as the net is always in a different location every morning when they service the pool.

Karen suggested we install a bulletin board by the water cooler to post news to homeowners. She has one if someone will install it. Kevin and Craig volunteered to do so.

Karen asked Clare if she would speak to Lora about sending the pool bills to her in a timely manner. In the past, Karen received bills that were months old and often Lora did not cash checks for weeks. (Update: 6/13/12 Clare spoke with Lora about the issue and Lora agreed to send the bills to Karen as soon as she gets them. Most of the problems are due to vendors not submitted their bills to Lora for weeks or more. She calls to remind the vendors about submitting their bills but they are still slow in doing so. Lora will continue to work on improving the process. Lora will also forward all final bills to Karen by the end of October.)

Clare will speak to Lora about forwarding all requests for new equipment or repairs in written format to avoid miscommunications and/or forgotten details. She will also request written details for future budget items.

Pool Party – Clare Cook
Clare reported the Deffenbaugh trash truck demo was not popular with homeowners. Part of the problem was Deffenbaugh sent a commercial trash truck instead of one used to pick up individual trash containers in our subdivision. We won’t include the truck in future demos. The bouncy house continues to be popular with toddlers. Clare suggested renting tables and chairs for the pool party next year to alleviate the shortage of seating when attendance is close to two hundred. Jim said they did that at his old homes association. Kevin said that renting tables and chairs would be several hundred dollars and that is the cost if we do the set up and take down ourselves. The board decided to not pursue the idea any further. Cindy suggested the use of nametags in the future to facilitate conversation with neighbors. Written notes on the party preparation details will aid planning future parties.

Social Committee – Jim Beatty
Upcoming Social Events

June 30, 2012 – 8:30 p.m. – Movies by the Pool – Bring a lawn chair and snacks. (Remember, no glass is allowed at the pool.)

July 4 – 1:00 p.m. – 4th of July Bike and Trike Parade – Meet at the pool. We will then have a parade down the street and end our celebration with some cool treats at the pool. There will be prizes in three age categories for bike/wagon/scooter/stroller decorating for ages 0-3, 4-6 and 7+.
Contact Craig Borgman at 913-579-6608 if you have questions.

A neighbor made a comment that we should consider changing the time for the Children’s events. The Easter Egg Hunt and the 4th of July Bike and Trike Parade have been at 1:00 p.m. Families with small children take afternoon naps. Therefore, they will be unable to attend. We will take this in consideration when we plan our next children’s event.

July 28 – Movies by the Pool – Bring a lawn chair and snacks. (Remember, no glass is allowed at the pool.)

September 29 – Block Party

TBA – Progressive Holiday Party

Treasurer Report – Karen Petersen

We have 4 homeowners who have not paid dues. Deffenbaugh will not pick up their trash until dues are paid. The homeowners will not be able to pick up their pool bands until dues are paid in full.

Directory – We are updating our directory. We are selling ads again this year. If you know of someone who might want to advertise in our directory, please contact Karen Petersen.

Account Balances – As of 06.12.12

Cash and Bank Accounts
Checking $ 11,435.46
Money Market $ 92,408.32
Money Market 2 $ 51,991.17
TOTAL Bank Accounts $ 155,834.95

TOTAL ASSETS $ 155,834.95
OVERALL TOTAL $ 155,834.95

Website/Publicity – Jim Beatty
We should have a HOA Site Administrator. This person would be responsible for the site and mailing list backups and restoration, if needed. They would also take care of the site management software tool revisions. Jim contacted Christina Williams regarding our website backup. The cost will be $20.00 per hour. Kevin made the motion to hire Christina. Clare seconded the motion. It was approved.

Jim made a motion that we check on a website redesign and communication enhancements. Craig seconded the motion. It was approved. Kevin will do research on this item and report back to the board at our next meeting.

The next HOA Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 27 at 7:00 p.m. at Karen Petersen’s house.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Cindy St. John

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